Wedding Policy of the Montauk Community Church

The celebration of Christian marriage in a church wedding is an occasion of great joy and excitement and, at the same time, one of great significance and reverence. A wedding in a church is a service of Christian worship. When a couple marries in the church, they are affirming their marriage as being more than a civil contract recognized by the state; it is also a covenant which involves not only the bride and the groom but also God and the Christian community. Therefore, the decision to have a church wedding rather than a secular ceremony means that the couple affirms and upholds the religious nature of the occasion.

It is the desire and expectation of the Montauk Community Church (MCC) that every wedding be a meaningful and memorable occasion. If the procedures and policies provided here are fully understood and followed, we are confident that your wedding will be a joyous, worshipful experience for you and your guests.


The pastor of the Montauk Community Church performs weddings in the church sanctuary. Under special circumstances the couple may request different clergy to assist in the service. Such requests require the approval of the MCC pastor, who may consult with the session (church governing board) regarding the invitation.

Pre-marital Conferences

It is the heartfelt desire of the Montauk Community Church that the fullness and joy each couple experiences on their wedding day continue to be their experience throughout their married life which flows from that special day. Therefore, in accordance with Presbyterian Church (USA) governing policy, pre-marital counseling with the pastor of the Montauk Community Church is required in preparation for the wedding service. These conversations will include discussion regarding the nature of the couple’s Christian commitment, various aspects of the marriage relationship, as well as specific plans for the wedding service. This shall involve at least three face-to-face meetings with the pastor, including the completion of a pre-marital assessment survey (processing cost to be paid by couple).

It is the responsibility of the couple to initiate contact with the pastor to set up these premarital meetings in a timely manner. If these conversations do not take place, the pastor has the right to withdraw from participating in the wedding and to remove the wedding date from the Montauk Community Church calendar.

The Liturgy

As a service of Christian worship, the wedding service is under the direction and supervision of the Minister and the Session. The service emphasizes marriage as a gift of God and as an expression of the Christian life.

The Music

Music as part of worship is an offering to God and should be selected and performed with that  in mind. As soon as practical after scheduling your wedding, a meeting should be arranged with Choir Director/Organist who will assist you in selecting appropriate music for processional, recessional, prelude and any other parts of the ceremony where music is desired, including vocal solos, hymns, or instrumental music. All music must be fitting and appropriate for the worship setting and chosen in consultation with the pastor.

The Choir Director/Organist of MCC generally provides musical accompaniment for all weddings held in the church. Other qualified organists or other musicians may play with the prior permission of the pastor.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal date and time will be confirmed along with the wedding date. The time of the rehearsal should be set with the location of the church, traffic conditions and out-of town arrivals taken into account. All participants in the wedding party should attend the rehearsal and should be at the church at the designated time. Wedding rehearsals should be conducted in a prompt and timely fashion. Normally, one hour is needed for the rehearsal.

Marriage License

A marriage license is required by the state before a wedding may be performed. Contact the courthouse in your county of residence well in advance for information on obtaining your license.

The license and the return addressed envelope provided by the county must be delivered to the officiating pastor at, or prior to, the wedding rehearsal. T he pastor will not perform the ceremony if he/she does not have the marriage license in hand.

The officiating pastor will complete and mail the official copies and give the couple a personal copy. The county will provide you with instructions on obtaining a certified copy.

Church Facilities

The Sanctuary seats approximately 90 people.

Access to the facilities

  1. The church will be open three hours before the ceremony and up to one hour following the end of the ceremony.
  2. The church will be open no more than two hours for the rehearsal, beginning one-half hour before the scheduled starting time.
  3. If a reception is held at the church, the facilities will be available for a maximum of three hours following the wedding ceremony.
  4. Florist, caterers, photographers, and other members of the wedding party should be made aware that, other than the times indicated above, our facilities are open only during regular office hours (9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday).

Church Sexton

It is the responsibility of the church sexton to have the facilities open at the designated times, provide for proper heating or cooling, and clean and close the facilities following the service and reception (if held at the church).

General Rules Regarding Care and Use of the Property

  1. No alcoholic beverages of any kind may be served or consumed on the church premises.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in the church buildings.
  3. Bird Seed is safer than rice, and best kept outside. Balloon releases are illegal.
  4. All decorating of the Sanctuary and reception area (if applicable) must be approved.
  5. All equipment belonging to vendors should be picked up immediately following the wedding ceremony. Montauk Community Church cannot assume responsibility for any equipment left at the church. If the flowers are to be offered for use in the Church on the following Sunday, please notify the pastor as soon as possible.
  6. Decorations must be in accord with the following rules:
    • No nails, tacks, tapes or other (means shall be used to attach flowers or other decoration to church furniture, walls, or fixtures.
    • Christmas and other seasonal decorations shall remain in place, and you may enjoy them for your ceremony.
    • The wedding party is responsible for informing the florist of these policies.
  7. Photography and/or Videotaping – Since the marriage ceremony is a worship service, the following rules must be observed:
    • Photographs and video recordings are allowed as long as they do not interfere with the ceremony Flash cameras and special lighting are prohibited. Videotaping is limited to a stationary position
    • Photographs of the wedding party may be made prior to the ceremony or immediately following the ceremony, in which case the wedding coordinator will direct the wedding party back into the sanctuary for pictures.
    • Pre-service photography will be concluded thirty minutes prior to the beginning of the service so that the prelude may begin.
    • It is the responsibility of the wedding party to make sure that these policies are completely understood and that the photographer understands them as well. A copy of these policies should be given to the photographer.

The Reception

Wedding receptions may be held in Fellowship Hall. If held in Fellowship Hall, the wedding party will be responsible for catering the reception. The church kitchen will be available three hours before the wedding service for set up. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on church property and no smoking is allowed within the church building. The Fellowship Hall must be left as it was found. The church will not accept responsibility for receiving the cake or any other items.

Parking is available in the church lot.

Cost and Fees

MCC Member* Fees:

For active members or children of active members of the MCC the use of our sanctuary and guidance of our pastor are natural extensions or our pastoral ministry. Any gift for the pastor is at the discretion of the bride and groom. However members must pay the organist fee of $200 for wedding and $100 for rehearsal and a sexton’s fee of $100.
Total fees for Members – $400

Resident Non-Member** Fees:
Pastor***: no fee
Use of Sanctuary: $250
Organist fee (wedding): $200
Organist fee (rehearsal): $100
Sexton fee: $100
Total fees for Resident Non-members: $650

All Others:
Pastor***: $400
Use of Sanctuary : $500
Organist fee (wedding): $200
Organist fee (rehearsal): $100
Sexton fee: $100
Total fees for All others; $1,300

*Members Include Friends of the Congregation as well as professed members
**Residents are those whose primary residence is in Montauk
***Pastor fees will be reviewed with any new pastor

Security Deposit:

An initial security deposit of $200 must be paid at the time the church is reserved for the wedding. All other fees must be paid in full at least ten (10) days prior to the rehearsal. The wedding coordinator will discuss these charges with you at the time you complete your reservation form; the statement of charges is on the back of the form.

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