Funeral Policy of the Montauk Community Church

Upon the occasion of a death it is appropriate and often helpful to call upon the pastor immediately for prayer and support. If possible, the pastor will be present for a portion of the visitation at the funeral home. It is expected that the pastor will meet with the family or friends of the deceased prior to the funeral to offer comfort and to plan for an appropriate service.

Funeral or Memorial Service:

A funeral in which the body will be present at the service is normally held within three or four days following a death. The casket shall be closed prior to the start of the service. At a memorial service, the body is not present and such a service may be held at any time convenient to both the family and the church. In the case of cremation, an urn of ashes may be present during the service.

Upon the death of an active member of the Montauk Community Church (MCC), the service is most appropriately held in our sanctuary. However, at a time of death, the MCC sanctuary is also available to all who desire to gather to comfort each other in shared memories and to worship God, the creator, redeemer, and sustainer of all, regardless of MCC membership status. Excessive expenditures as a show of affection are discouraged. Families are welcome to identify the church and or charity for memorial gifts.

When the service is held at our sanctuary:

An MCC pastor will officiate at all services held in our sanctuary, when possible. If our pastor is not available, the clerk of session or attending elder will help the family secure the assistance of a neighboring Presbyterian clergy person to officiate. The service should be scheduled with the officiating pastor. Other clergy are welcomed to join in the service in consultation with the officiating pastor. The casket normally is placed at the front of the sanctuary. If an urn is present, it may be placed on the Communion Table. Photos and memorabilia may be placed in the Narthex, with one or two photos on the Communion Table. The family normally gathers in the Guild Room prior to the service, and then sits in reserved pews in the front of the sanctuary on the pulpit side (left). Pall-bearers normally sit on the lectern side (right).

Receptions in the church:

Receptions associated with the funeral may be held in the church. The Guild Room or Fellowship Hall are available for this purpose if desired. Discuss any arrangements with the MCC pastor as part of the funeral plans. The event must be catered. The Deacons may provide coffee, but will not be involved in food preparation or serving. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on church property.

Funeral/Memorial Service Related Fees:

MCC Members*:

MCC Officiating Pastor***: no fee or honorarium
Organist fee: $200
Sexton fee: $100
Use of Sanctuary: no fee, a gift is appreciated
Use of Fellowship Hall for reception: no fee, a gift is appreciated

Resident Non-Members**:

MCC Officiating Pastor***: no fee or honorarium
Organist fee: $200
Sexton fee: $100
Use of Sanctuary: no fee
Use of Fellowship Hall for Reception: $200

All Others:
MCC Officiating Pastor***: no fee
Organist fee: $200
Sexton fee: $100
Use of Sanctuary: $450
Use of Fellowship Hall for reception: $450

*Members Include Friends of the Congregation as well as professed members

**Residents are those whose primary resident is in Montauk

***Pastor fees will be reviewed with any new pastor